So what exactly is Retro-Scope?

Simply put Retro-Scope is a digital archive created by New Hope Celebrates to store our LGBT and Allied history for future generations to discover. It's a repository of change makers, photos, stories, videos and interviews of  those that have shaped our community.

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What you can do here...

Our search engine

Search the site by key word and find photos, stories, and videos of your friends and favorite places from the past four decades. Search is the white box at the very top, right side of this page.


Hangouts - Community Landmarks

A map of spots we’ve noted that are significant to our LGBTA history here in New Hope and the surrounding area of Bucks County PA. and Lambertville, NJ.


A digital time-line

A linear view of milestones, and memorable events in our community's history, since 1939 to the current day. We are continuously adding new information.


Change Makers

A director of noteworthy community members that have shaped our community their accomplishments and achievements..


Our Allies

Where would we be without our allies, for who's help and support within the straight community we would be lost their acceptance


Remember Me

A directory of significant community members who are gone from our lives, but remain in our hearts.


Adding Items to the archive
Please contact us if you would like to add your stories, photos, and videos or if you prefer you
can contact us and we will assist you in uploading large amounts of data.

- NOTE -
We are in the process of re-building Retro-Scope to create a better user
If you would like to Contribute please contact us.

Why Retro-Scope?

The LGBT community has been an important part of what has made the New Hope area special: from its creative arts community, to its thriving businesses, to its spirit of openness, and inclusion. But while our community is strong, it is quickly changing, as many of the landmark places that established New Hope as an LGBT town have been demolished or converted to other uses (The New Prelude, The Cartwheel), along with the passing of a few of the colorful characters who made this town home. By remembering these gems here at we aim to inspire our community to keep celebrating diversity, creativity and openness, the very things that make New Hope so special.


Here, we invite you to delight in seeing the riches of what we’ve had: the dazzling parties, fantastic performers, beloved places and unforgettable friends, to feel proud of those that came before us so fired-up to make business or to make change, the people that paved the way for the strong community we enjoy today.

Help Us Tell the Story...

While we have done preliminary research to collect and upload items to this site, we are only beginning to uncover our rich history. How comprehensive we can be relies on you! We need your submissions. So, please, we welcome you to contribute and upload your memories (story), photos, video, and more!